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TM alumn Dave Foster bribed his way to his Twitter millennium with a series of great lettering pieces: Twitter Calligraphy


Maria brought a present from Ilya Ruderman from Moscow: the second edition of Yuri Gordon’s “Book of Letters From Аа to Яя”. It will get a good place in the TypeMedia reference library. The book offers a letter by letter … Continue reading

KABK Open day 2013

KABK Open day, a photo by Marina Chaccur on Flickr. Don’t forget the KABK Open Day, Saturday January 26 2013! If you want to join the Portfolio day: Friday January 25, but please register with JW Stas first.

César Puertas

TypeMedia grad César Puertas demonstrates some Noordzij principles in a workshop in São Paulo, December 13, 2012. Note the nifty pointed pen device developed by César. Filmed by Paul van der Laan.

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