Anyone wishing to apply for the Type and Media Master needs to fill out the KABK registration form. After you have registered, you will receive an email with information about the admission procedure. Make sure we have your portfolio no later than the end of January.

You can apply for this course if:

  • You have (at least) a bachelor degree in graphic design.
  • You must have sufficient practical experience.
  • You can write about your motivation for joining the master course.
  • You have a convincing portfolio of graphic design and typographic design, not only the final results, but also the process.
  • Your portfolio contains examples of calligraphy, lettering, type design.
  • You should be fascinated by type design (should be evident from the portfolio), typography and different media.
  • You should be be acquainted with developments in the field of type design.

Keep in mind when making your portfolio that we’re not necessarily looking for finished products (as you would show a client for instance), but rather we’re keen to see the process of your design work. So, sketches, half products and intermediates. Do not send physical portfolios.

We expect a good level of English comparable to IELTS 6 or TOEFL 83. See also:

Type and Media Portfolio Day and the KABK Open Day

The Open Day for Type and Media is usually at the end of January. Check the KABK website for the exact date. This is a good time to come to The Hague, see the city, the school, the Type and Media studio. You can meet the students and see the work of the first semester.

For more information about the Type and Media master course or to make an appointment for the Portfolio Day to discuss your work with the Type and Media teachers, please contact the Type and Media Coordinator Marja van der Burgh at

Selection procedure

Type and Media has a limited number of places. The selection board assesses the portfolios and makes a selection. The final list is usually made in early April but this depends on a number of external factors so it may vary.