TypeMedia: MA in Type Design at the KABK


This is the page for TypeMedia master at the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in The Hague.

Class of 2020

Congratulations to Thomas Bouillet, Nina Botthof, Arnaud Chemin, Jamie Chang, Céline Hurka, Jovana Jocić, Ruggero Magrì, Elena Peralta, Renan Rosatti, Jan Šindler, Olga Umpaleva and Huw Williams! Thanks to Mario Feliciano: this years' the external examiner!

This year we had online visits, talks and lectures from friends and colleagues from all over the locked down world. We are grateful and happy that they took the time to join us: Paul Barnes from Commercial Type, Ken Barber from House Industries, Aleksandra Samuļenkova. Diana Ovezea from Studio Acute, Nikola Djurek visited before the lockdown in the studio.Thomas Huot Marchand and the ANRT students came by too.

Special thanks to Mathieu Lommen from the Special Collections at the Allard Pierson and Rickey Tax at the Museum van het Boek, Meermanno, and the Plantijn-Moretus in Antwerp for their support and access to their collections.

We visited these conferences and events: the 2020 TypeLab organised by Petr van Blokland and The Cooper Union / Type@Cooper. Alphabetica at West, The Hague, the Joh. Enschedeé Collection at the Noordhollands Archief in Haarlem, the Sans Everything2 Conference at ESAD in Amiens, the Type Amsterdam symposium at the Allard Pierson.

Graduation 2020

The TypeMedia exam exhibition will be in September! This year the Graduation Festival of the KABK will be in September 2020, Thursday 10 through Sunday 13. Corona and all that and we want everyone to be safe. Please check with the KABK site for precise dates and visiting info. Our students will have their exams on June 29. Until then please follow TypeMedia on instagram to see their work!

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