Coppers and Brasses

Communication Arts features Coppers and Brasses, the Montréal studio of TypeMedia alums Étienne Aubert Bonn (TM2012) and Alexandre Saumier Demers (TM2013).

What drew us to study type design in the Netherlands is the way Dutch letterers see type as shapes created by a tool—thinking mainly about Gerrit Noordzij’s work—and their studies on how pressure, rotation, angles and tools all influence the resulting letterform.

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The TypeMedia studio is getting a lick of paint this summer and some other much needed revisions. An improved kitchen. More power outlets. Fewer cables hanging from the ceiling. Sunscreens. We’re looking forward to the next academic year!

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Please join us on Wednesday July 8, 16:00 for the TypeMedia 2014-2015 Graduation Ceremony!

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2015 Alumni Day


Alumni meeting Saturday July 4, 14:00—20:00 at the Gipsenzaal.

Special welcome to the students from the year 2004-2005 who are celebrating their 10 years anniversary!

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TM Dept. Award


Congratulations to Heidi Sørensen, the winner of the 2015 TypeMedia Department Award!

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Congratulations TM1415!

@TypeMedia #exams #done

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The students of TypeMedia 2014-2015 all graduated!

    >TypeMedia Exam July 1 All day, students and faculty only.
  • KABK Exhibition Preview and Awards: Friday July 3, 16:00
  • Alumni meeting Saturday July 4, 14:00—20:00
  • KABK Graduation Show July 5—July 9
  • TypeMedia Graduation Ceremony Wednesday July 8, 16:00

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TFJ visits TM

Tobias Frere-Jones visits TypeMedia

Tobias Frere-Jones was in town for the Robothon and Gerrit Noordzij Prize 2015. On saturday he found some time to talk to the TM students and discuss their work. Photo by Nina Stössinger.

Robothon 2015

Robothon logo by James T. Edmondson.

The Robothon 2015 season has opened with riotous scenes outside the ticket office. Font Police had to intervene as fans tried to get their hands on the golden tickets.

The conference program will be announced soon!